The Math Help Centre comprises of a group of free services offered by the Department of Mathematics for all first-year students to get math students the needed help, support and resources in mathematics, and to facilitate their success.

The Help Centre is staffed by graduate students and sometimes high-level undergrads with a passion for teaching, and knowledge and experience with courses. You can avail yourself of any of the numerous Math Help Centre services if you ever need help with your math course, just bring your notes and your brains and come get help with those problems you've been stuck on!

The MATH HELP CENTRE is currently running online due to the pandemic. The Math Help Centre will be open from 1 pm to 7 pm each weekday (except public Holidays) from May 10 to June 26 2021. Visit the Help Centre schedule page to find more about the Math Help Centre schedule.


This is a free Math Bootcamp in August for newly enrolled first-year students. This Boot camp serves as a refresher on pre-calculus topics necessary for success in the upcoming first-level courses. This Bootcamp is self-paced but has live online tutorials (Aug 9 - 27, 2021).

Bootcamp Dates:
This Bootcamp is available now on UM Learn, and it is self-paced. Newly enrolled students will be automatically enrolled into the Math Bootcamp course on UM Learn. Continuing students interested in the Bootcamp should enroll using the self-registration tool on UM Learn.

Live Online Tutorials Tutorial Dates:
Aug 09 - 27, 2021

Tutorial Registration:
All students should register for the tutorials within the Math Bootcamp Course on UM Learn by August 1, 2021

For further information contact


The MHC Online services provide registered math students with the platform to interact with helpers (TAs), ask questions and have it answered by the helpers. This greatly extends the services of the MHC beyond the walls of the Math Help Centre. This Math Help Centre Online course on UM Learn is a place you can access the services provided by the Math Help Centre from the comfort of your home. Here is a link to the Math Help Centre Online course on UM Learn:

The Math Help Centre online services include:

     The MHC Online Live Sessions
These are live sessions that mimic a Math Help Centre room. There will be a number of these each weekday of the University Term from 1 pm – 7 pm (except public holidays). In each of these sessions, there will be a TA to help with your problems. You will have to join a session when you have a problem to benefit from this resource. At the session, a TA will assist you through the Zoom video calling feature. You will be able to share content with the TA in other to get help. Please follow this link to the Zoom events.

      The MHC Forums Live on Piazza
Piazza, the online Q&A platform, is incredibly easy and completely free and convenient. Piazza creates tremendous engagement between students, helpers and instructors. The Math Help Centre is also being hosted on Piazza, so in Piazza, you can post your questions and have them answered by a TA. TAs will be online from 1 pm to 7 pm each weekday to answer your questions instantly. You are encouraged to post your questions to have them answered. Please follow this link to the MHC Forums on Piazza.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns (Clifford Allotey). Thank you.


These are short instructional and demonstration videos on various math topics posted weekly on the MHC website. Their primary goal is to give the students some information about the workshop. This includes teaching, demonstrations and solving problems. These videos will be posted on the content page of the Math Help Centre Online course on UM Learn. Please read the MHC Guide to learn how to find it.


These are free* workshop seminars organized throughout the Semester on selected topics students frequently have problems with. In these workshops, problems that aid understanding of the topic, and problems that are commonly found on the midterm and final examinations are tackled. Each workshop starts with a (roughly) 20-minute demonstration, with time in the middle for participants to attempt the problems and ask questions if/when they get stuck. The problems that caused students the most difficulty are then demonstrated for the last 20 minutes. Below is a list of scheduled workshop seminars for the semester, however, you can request for workshops on topics you have difficulty in from the MHC website. Please visit the Workshop page to find out about our offerings and to register.