The MHC Online services provide registered math students with the platform to interact with helpers (TAs), ask questions and have it answered by the helpers. This greatly extends the services of the MHC beyond the walls of the Math Help Centre. This Math Help Centre Online platforms (Zoom & Piazza) are places you can access the services provided by the Math Help Centre from the comfort of your home. Kindly scroll down and click on the buttons below to direct you to the Math Help Centre pages on the platforms.


The Math Help Centre online services include:

     The MHC Online Live Zoom Sessions
These are live sessions that mimic a Math Help Centre room. There will be a number of these each weekday of the University Term from 9 am – 6 pm (except public holidays). In each of these sessions, there will be a TA to help with your problems. You will have to join a session when you have a problem to benefit from this resource. At the session, a TA will assist you through the Zoom video calling feature. You will be able to share content with the TA in other to get help.

      The MHC Forums Live on Piazza
Piazza has an online Q&A platform which is incredibly easy, completely free and convenient. Piazza creates tremendous engagement between students, helpers and instructors. You can post your questions and have them answered by a TA. TAs will be online from 9 am to 6 pm each weekday to answer your questions instantly. You are encouraged to post your questions to "Class feed" have them answered.

Click on the buttons below to direct you to the Math Help Centre pages on the platforms. For further information contact Clifford.Allotey@umanitoba.ca

Math Help Centre Online Services