University Mathematics Department

The University of Manitoba, department of mathematics home page. List of current profs and their contact information, and coming up events.

A list of website related to Mathematics that are both interesting and helpful.

Canadian Mathematical Society

An organization, that helps deal with the issues of Canadian Math Students. Includes information on conferences, workshops and general announcements.

The Math Circle

A list of courses designed for students who enjoy math and want the added challenge of exciting topics not in the current curriculum of most schools.


A list of the Math competitions offered

Science Jokes

A list of math related jokes

Math Puzzles

A series of intellectually challenging Math puzzles

History of Mathematics

An archive of the history of mathematics


Takes a look at our perceptions and interesting experiments on perception

Math is Fun

Source of good math problems, and puzzles both fun and useful.


A website that takes a look at the interesting patterns that we see all around us

Math Magic

A series of challenges of varying degrees of complexity

Math in movies

An article on the growing number of math related math movies

Set Game

The company home page for the exciting game of set



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U of M Math Club

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