I am a Professor with the Department of Mathematics, a member of the Data Science NEXUS and a faculty member of the VADA Graduate Training Program, all at the University of Manitoba. I am also a member of the Canadian Centre for Disease Modelling and the Canadian COVID-19 Mathematical Modelling Task Force.

My research deals primarily with mathematical population dynamics in epidemiology and ecology, with focus on modelling population movement. Of particular interest to me is the spatio-temporal spread of infectious diseases. A lot of my work concerns the relationship between modern commercial aviation and the fast global spread of infectious pathogens. In this setting, I use mathematical modelling and graph analysis to consider the risk of importation of disease to various public health entities. Another problem of interest to me concerns the stress imposed on public health systems by the variety of health practices used around the world or even, within a country; for instance, treatment of infections or vaccination schedules can vary greatly and public health must be thought of at a global scale. I am also interested by other problems of population dynamics in ecology and biology.

As part of my work, I have become more and more interested in the use of data in my models, hence my membership in VADA and the Data Science NEXUS.

In the context of the international response to COVID-19, my work is mostly concerned with the spatio-temporal spread of the infection. In particular, I have focused on the risk of travel-related importation of cases.

Summer schools students: see here.

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