Summer 2020

I am not teaching this term.


Winter 2020, McGill University - MATH 133: Linear Algebra and Geometry. [notes]

Winter 2019, University of Manitoba - MATH 1240: Elementary Discrete Mathematics.

Summer 2018, University of Manitoba - MATH 2090: Linear Algebra 2. [notes]

Winter 2018, University of Manitoba - MATH 1210: Techniques of Classical and Linear Algebra.

Fall 2017, University of Waterloo - MATH 135: Algebra for Honours Mathematics.

Fall 2016, University of Waterloo - MATH 225: Applied Linear Algebra 2.

Fall 2015, University of Waterloo - PMATH 336: Introduction to Group Theory with Applications. [notes]

I have been a teaching assistant for a wide variety of courses at the University of Waterloo, including courses run entirely online.


I was a finalist in the 2017 Three Minute Thesis competition at the University of Waterloo. Here is the video.

I placed third in the 2017 Fields Thesis Competition, which lead to a speaking spot at the 2017 TEDxUofTSalon event. Follow this link for a video of the TEDxUofTSalon talk.

I have been a presenter for the Math Circles program, run by the Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) at the University of Waterloo. Math Circles is an after school mathematics enrichment program for high school students.

Here is a list of the courses I created and presented. Supporting documents such as problems sheets and solutions can be found here.

Number Theory, Fall 2016. [notes; video: day 1, day 2]
Surfaces, Winter 2016. [notes; video: day 1, day 2, day 3]
Group Theory, Winter 2015. [notes]
Surfaces, Fall 2013. [notes]
Number Theory, Winter 2013. [notes]

I also make high school visits to talk about the beauty and aesthetic value of mathematics. If you're interested in having me visit your school please contact me, I would love to hear from you!

Teaching Statment

Here is my teaching statement.