Sam Cole

Department of Mathematics
University of Manitoba
420 Machray Hall
186 Dysart Rd.
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2M8

Office: 472 Machray Hall
Office hours: T 10-12 or by appointment
Email: samuel [DOT] cole [AT] umanitoba [DOT] ca

Hello! I'm Sam, a PIMS postdoctoral fellow at University of Manitoba. I recently completed my PhD at University of Illinois at Chicago. My advisor was Shmuel Friedland. My research interests include spectral clustering, random graphs, and applications of linear algebra to combinatorics and computer science. I also enjoy programming, teaching math and computer science, and many different types of music.





PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2018
MS, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2011
Advisor: Shmuel Friedland
Thesis: An Iterative Spectral Approach to Recovering Planted Partitions


BA, Oberlin College, 2009
Major: mathematics
Minor: computer science

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If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, check out this cool website I made.


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