MATH 1230 section A01

Course time and location: MWF 12:30 pm - 1:20 pm, Buller 527 150 E2-EITC
Instructor: Adam Clay
Office: 473 Machray Hall
Office hours: M 3:30-4:30, Thursday 3:30-4:30
The best way to contact me is in person--but if you can't make it to class or office hours, email me at
Midterm: November 1, in room 201 Armes, 5:30-7:30

Final exam is in St. John’s College, Room 118.

Assignments for Math 1230, due class according to the schedule on the handout:

Assignment 1 and practice problems
Assignment 2 and practice problems
Assignment 3 and practice problems
Assignment 4 and practice problems
Assignment 5 and practice problems
Practice for later sections:
Section 4.4: 1-30.
Section 4.5: 1-22, 24-35.
Section 4.6: 7-27.
Section 4.8: 1-20.
Section 4.9: None.
Section 4.10: 1-20.


Course handout
List of helpful resources (Schedule A)
Last year’s practice midterm SolutionsNote: Our test will be twice as long
Information on the upcoming test
Test solutions Note: There may be errors. In particular: In 1 (b) M is need not be negative as stated, and in 1 (c) I have written what it means for a limit to NOT exist, instead of what it means for a limit to not be equal to L.
Final exam announcement
Last year’s exam


Notes from the first class
Week 2 notes
Week 3 notes
Week 4 notes
Week 5 notes
Week 6 notes
Week 7 notes
Week 8 notes
Week 9 notes
Week 10 notes
Week 11 notes
Week 12 notes
Week 13 notes