Combinatorics Seminar

Organizers: David Gunderson and Karen Gunderson
Time: Fridays 3:30pm
Room: 415 Machray Hall

Topics including graphs and hypergraphs, algebraic graph theory, finite geometries, random processes, extremal or Ramsey theory, applications of combinatorics, combinatorial geometry, partial orders, design theory, combinatorial matrix theory, additive combinatorics.

Talks can be surveys, works in progress, introductions to an area, or recent results. All are welcome to attend and to volunteer talks. Talks should be aimed at a wide audience of combinatorialists and should be understandable to graduate students.

Extremal C15-free graph

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Winter 2018 Schedule

Date Speaker Title
12 Jan 2018 Michal Przykucki Parking on a random tree
19 Jan 2018 No Seminar
26 Jan 2018 Michael Doob TBA
26 Jan 2018 TBA TBA
2 Feb 2018 TBA TBA
9 Feb 2018 TBA TBA
16 Feb 2018 TBA TBA
23 Feb 2018 No Seminar Reading week
2 Mar 2018 TBA TBA
9 Mar 2018 Ben Li TBA
16 Mar 2018 TBA TBA
23 Mar 2018 No Seminar Faculty of Science lecture series
30 Mar 2018 No Seminar University closed -- Good Friday
6 Apr 2018 No Seminar Faculty of Science lecture series

Graph with every pair of vertices having
exactly 2 common neighbours


12 January 2018, 3:30 pm, 415 Machray Hall

Speaker: Michal Przykucki
Title: Parking on a random tree

Abstract: Consider the following problem, introduced in 1966 as a model of a simple protocol to resolve collisions in hashing functions. Let T be a rooted tree on n vertices (e.g., a directed path) with edges directed towards the root. We imagine that each node of T has space for a single car to park. A number m of cars arrive one by one, each at a node chosen independently and uniformly at random. If a car arrives at a space which is already occupied, it follows the unique path oriented towards the root until it encounters an empty space, in which case it parks there; if there is no empty space, it leaves T and the protocol fails.

We discuss some new results in the case when T is random. Joint work with Christina Goldschmidt.

26 January 2018, 3:30 pm, 415 Machray Hall

Speaker: Michael Doob
Title: TBA

Abstract: TBA

16 March 2018, 3:30 pm, 415 Machray Hall

Speaker: Ben Li
Title: TBA

Abstract: TBA