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Tuesday and Thursday, 11:30-12:45.

Course program and material

Bibliographic resources

The main reference for the course is Horn and Johnson, Matrix Analysis. Additionally, we shall be using a combination of lecture notes and extracts from books. Most books used are available to you electronically through the libraries (link). From within campus, following the links posted below will take you directly to a page from which you can access the book content. From outside campus, please see this page (link) for information on how to set up the Proxy Bookmarklet. Note that for many of the books published by Springer, you can purchase a print copy of the book for USD 24.95 (shipping included).

Course content

Computer programming

  • Some information about the R programming language that you will need to use in the assignments can be found here.


  • Assignment 1. See the file here. Get a driver file here, which was used to test that your functions work.
  • Assignment 2. See the file here.
  • Assignment 3. See the file here.
  • Assignment 4. See the file here. Note that the deadline depends on the date at which you receive the link to your folder with the project paper.
  • Assignment 5. See the file here. Get the driver file here, which will be used to test that your functions work.
  • Assignment 6.

Past course information

See this page for information relative to the 2012 instance of this class.

Private area

In this directory (link) you will find material for the class: some pdf files, your marks..