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Lectures: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 15:30-16:20, 201 Armes. Tutorials: Tuesday, 16:00-16:50, 330 Allen, 115 Armes and 124 Machray Hall.

Course program and material

The precise program is still under development. One thing is certain: we will be using lecture notes and other aids that will be made available here or on UM Learn during term. There will not be a specific textbook.

Course content

Computer programming

We will be using the R programming language. R is a community-developped programming language originally intended for statistical computing but that is very useful for modelling applications. It is available for free on all platforms (Linux, Windows and Mac) and can be downloaded from here. The recommended development environment for the course is RStudio, which should be installed alongside R.

Tests and Assignments



There will be two tests during the term, held evenings, as well as a yet-to-be-determined number of assignments, followed by a final examination that will be arranged by the Registrar's during the regular examination period.